Why Bank your stem cells (part 1)

1 in 2 of us will develop cancer in our lifetime (Cancer research UK).

Treatments for cancer often involve chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The emerging studies though show that your risk of getting a blood cancer after chemotherapy is 5-10 times the normal rate. 

What is not so well known is that it is a standard of care in the NHS that if you develop certain blood cancers - the NHS will mobilise, extract and store your bone marrow stem cells for re-transplantation back in post further chemotherapy. This has been shown to improve your survivability. In fact Dr.Maharaj was on the original research team in Glasgow University who demonstrated this and did the research on the links this has with improved immune capability. 

The above is also acknowledged with the capability created in the form of the Anthony Nolan Trust who maintain a public bank of stem cells for use in treating patients. In these instances the use of another person’s donated stem cells is to provide treatment. This works, but there can be issues with immune rejection due to them not being matched genetically.  

The question however is why wait until the very last stages of a disease to either take the action of banking your own stem cells or depending on someone else. By the time the above stem cells are extracted from you, they have likely undergone potentially previous chemotherapies which have the effect of damaging the stem cells. Also allogenic (not your own)  stem cells carry risks of rejection. 

The advice which the Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine is pushing is that the earlier you bank your own bone marrow stem cells the better. The younger cells have a greater capability to later regenerate your immune health and effectively fight any cancer you could be developing. There is also no risk of rejection as they are your cells. So imagine post chemotherapy instead of your immune system attempting to recover using the poisoned and debilitated stem cells which are still in your body, you instead re-transplant back in your own cryo-stored cells from a younger age. Dr. Maharaj calls this rebooting your immune system and it will reduce the potential for secondary blood cancers and improve your post chemotherapy survival. 

The banking process is 5 injections of a naturally occurring drug. This mobilises your bone marrow stem cells into your blood, followed by a 4 hour transfusion of your blood to extract the cells. The cells are then stored in a -190C cryo-storage with evidence to show that they survive for up to 25 years or even potentially longer. Also the mobilisation results in a boost of the major components of your immune system 7 to 14 times their level. There are therefore immediate health benefits to this process. I lost 6 kg in 40 days and yes I was overweight. 

 The current facility to do this is in Boca Raton Florida and the Maharaj Institute has links with hotels in the area where you can stay. 

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Also the above article was based on a more detailed article which is posted here Life_Extension_article_Final__6_4_2019.pdf

Hope this was informative and I will be in touch soon with more information.